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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
The Finnish Science Fiction Writers Association
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of Japan
NZSFW: New Zealand Science Fiction Fantasy Writers' Association
SF Writers of Earth
HWA: Horror Writers Association
Garden State Horror Writers
The Pen and Sword
RWA's Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal Chapter
SFNovelist Writing Workshop
Critters Writers' Workshop
Online Writing Workshops
Resources for Fantasy Writers
International Publishing House
Which Science Fiction Writer Are You?

PEN American Center
American Society of Journalists and Authors
Writers Guild of America
National Writers Union Home Page
Writers Guild of Great Britain
ALCS - Authors Licensing and Collecting Society
Western Writers of America
Romance Writers of America
Mystery Writers of America
Crime Writers of Great Britain
Sisters in Crime
Thrilling Detective Website
Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators

Novelists, Inc.
Writing For Comics
SPAWN The Small Publishers, Artists, and Writers Network
T-Zero Xpandizine - The Writers' E-zine
The Art of Writing Webzine
Put It In Black & White - A Fictitious E-Zine
A Writer's Choice Literary Journal
Writers Write - The Internet Writing Journal
The Writer Gazette
A-1 Complete Writing and Editing
Bohemian Ink
The Write Page
The Writers Home
Noble Fusion
Absolute Write
Creative Writing for Teens
Project Gutenberg
International Children's Digital Library


American Screenwriters Association
The Screenwriter's Homepage
Screenwright: The craft of screenwriting
The Screenwriter's Utopia
Screenwriters' Workshop
Screen Place
Cinema Sites: Writing Recources
Google's Screenwriting Sites
The Scripteriter's Network
Academy Writers Clinic
The TV Writer Home Page
Essays on the Craft of Dramatic Writing
Movie Scripts: Drew's Meat And Potatoes

House O' Hansen
Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver
Amateur Science Fiction Writers
The Writer's Space Station
Greg Garrett - Hints for Writers
The Burry Man Writers Center
Judith Kelman's Writers' Room
Teresa Benison homepage
John Hewitt's Writer's Resource Center
Mary Soon Lee's Speculative Fiction Page
Mia Molvray, science fiction, exobiology
Manuscript Critique and Courses For Writers
The Obsidian Labyrinth

The Everyday People's Guide on How to Write a Novel

Links of Interest to SF/F Writers and Fans
Science Fiction Worlds of Jeffrey A. Carver - Links
Geoffrey A. Landis - Some Links for Writers
Writers Guild of America Research Links
The Writers Home: Links For Writers
Internet Research Resources for Science Fiction Writers
Authorlink's Writers resources
F. Alexander Brejcha's Writer's Resources
F. and S. Marriott - Links for Writers
BBR Resources for Writers - Resources
Forwriters Writer References and Resources
Jack Lynch: Resources for Writers and Writing Instructors
Misc.writing Starting Point
Writers' Groups
Writers' Bookshop: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Headlines From Parallel Worlds
Ari's Today Page
Site du Jour of the Day Archives
Retro Future
Wikipedia - The Free Encyclopedia

Marion Zimmer Bradley Literary Works Trust
Writing Advice from Science Fiction author Jeffrey A. Carver
Harry Harrison: How I work
Pen & Sword - Writing tips
The Grand List of Overused Science Fiction Cliches
Peter's Evil Overlord List
JMS on Writing
The Writer's Resources Page
Writing Science Fiction
TOC About Writing
If You Like This page of Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
What is Science Fiction?

New Scientist - Science and Technology
NASA Spacelink
NASA Human Spaceflight
The Artemis Project
Time Travel Institute
Planetary Society
Hypothetical Planets
The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of the Solar System
The Astrobiology Web: Terraforming and Ecogenesis
New Scientist Web Links
Science Fiction / Space Technology: Tools For Learning
An Inquirer's Guide - Space Science Fiction
A Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions
Conversion and Calculation Center

World building
World Builders' Home Page
World Builder Projects
P.C. Wrede's Worldbuilder Questions
Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions
Building New Worlds
Mia Molvray: They came from Outer Space - Real Aliens
Planet Designer
Imaginary Planet Gallery
World Generation - Generic System & Planet Building Resources
The World: Interactive web-based world-building game
World-Building E-mail List

Links to Ancient Civilizations
The Ancient World
NM's Creative Impulse: World History and Western Civilization
Mark Millmore's Ancient Egypt
The Ancient Greek World
Ancient Roman History Timeline
Ancient Northwest Europe - Anglo-Saxons, Celts, Norse
 Catholic Encyclopedia - List of Popes From 32 AD
ORB: The Online Reference Book for Medieval Studies

USA People Search - Medieval Times

A Look At Feudalism: Sectional Societies
Agricola: The Finnish History Network
The WWW-VL History Index
Historical Atlas of the Twentieth Century
Periodical Historical Atlas of Euorope
Matthew White's Homepage - Links to Historical Maps
UT Library - Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection
The History Webring
Odin's Castle of Dreams & Legends
The Magic Web - Mythology and Folklore
The Realm of the Fae
Myths and Legends

Uchronia: The Alternate History List
The Alternate Historian's Notebook
Gateway: Alternate World Transit System
Pteranodon's View: Alternate History Site
Point of Divergence
All of Yesterday's Tomorrows
 The Alternate History Travel Guides
Andy's Anachronisms
Shades of History - Spiritualist's Alternate History site
Making History - Matt Alderman's Alternate History Page
Dale Cozort's Alternate History page
Tommy Gehring's Page of Alternate History
David Johnson's Altenrnate History webpage
Polish Zioty's Alternate History Page
Stephen's Alternate History Site
Doug's Alternate History Site
J.T.'s Alternate History Site
David Bofinger's Alternate History Page
David Atwell's Alternate History
Surreal Histories by Matthew White
Five Nations Homepage
Roma Invicta
Rome Across the Rhine

What's in Your Name Name archive
First Names and What They Mean
Alfabette Zoope Name Lists
The Baby Name Finder
Popular Baby Names - Baby names
Think! Baby Names
Namely Yours - Name Search
Stardust Name Campaign
Famous People Who Have a First Name for a Last Name
The Names and Naming Webring
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet
The Funny Name Server

Eponym - Name archive index
Kate Monk's Onomastikon - Dictionary of Names
Creative Writing for Teens - Character Names
The Etymology and History of First Names
The Afrocentric Experience - African Names
Feminine Arabic Names
Masculine Arabic Names
The Meaning of Arabic Names
Muslim Names
List of some Muslim girls' names with their meanings
List of some Muslim boys' names with their meanings
Structure of Muslim Names
Hebrew Names for your Jewish Children
V. Lakshmanan: Indian Last Names
Indian Baby Names and their meanings - Indian first names
Sushmajee - Indian Names
The Sikhism Home Page: Sikh Names
Chinese Surnames
Mandarin Chinese Names for Gamers
Vietnamese Names
Adopt Vietnam: Vietnamese Names
Hong Kong Names
Japanese Language - Japanese naming practices
The Japanese Names FAQ - Russian Names
Paul Goldschmidt's Dictionary of Russian Names
Polish Genealogy Society of America - Selected Polish Surnames
Spanish family names
Hispanic Surnames Database - Le guide des prénoms
Die Grosse Vornamendatenbank
Asteroid K: Finnish Names
Genealogical Society of Finland: Personal Names
How to pronounce Finnish names
HYLIT - Irish Names for Children
Guide to Irish Names
UK & Ireland Genealogy - Surnames from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
A to Z of Family Surnames From England
Some Meanings of English Surnames
Clans of Ireland - Great Hall of Irish Clans
Baby Names of
U.S. Census Bureau: Frequently Occuring First Names and Surenames
Popular American Names for Spesific Ages
AfriGeneas - African American Surnames Database
The Utah Baby Namer - Mormon names

Ancient Egyptian Names
Ancient Egyptian Male Names
Legion XXIV - Roman Names Page
Roman Names - On Choosing a Roman Name
Dutch Women's Names before 1100
Germanic Names in the Low Lands before 1100
Three Hundred Viking Names from the Sagas
Ireland History - Old Irish-Gaelic Surnames
Old Irish-Gaelic Surnames
Irish names - Traditional, Modern, and In-Between
Medieval Names Archive
Saint Gabriel Library: Medieval Names
SCA College of Arms Information about medieval names
Murder on the Road to Santiago - Medieval European Names
Medieval Russian First Names
A Dictionary of Period Russian Names
Catholic Online: Saints Names

Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy Name Generator

Rinkworks: Fantasy Name Generator
Fairy Name Generator
Pagan Name Generator
Hobbit Name Generator
Jedi Name Generator
Lee's Useless Super-Hero Generator
Rock Star Name Generator
Tim's Porn Star Name Generator
Random Title and Name Generator
Random US Name Generator
Chinese Name Generator
Louis Farrakhan African Name Generator
Upper West Side Manhattan Chinese Restaurant Name Generator
Tim Henwood's Band Name Generator
Harmone - Band Name Generators
Noemata Multipurpose Name Generator
Chris Pound's Name Generation Page
Horsename-O-Matic Name Generator

Seventh Sanctum - Name Generators

Yahoo! Name Generators
The Everchanging Book of Names
Babyzone Name Inventor

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Languages of the World
Ethnologue Country Index
Foreign Language Guide
Rhodes College - Foreign Languages
Eurolang - Minority languages
European Minority Languages
Minority Languages of Russia
Native American Languages
Native American Language Resources
Aboriginal Languages of Australia
Links to Aboriginal Resources
African, North & South American native & Austronesian languages
Constructed Human Languages
Constructed Languages List
Language Construction Kit
Klingon Language Institute
International Slang Dictionary
Internet Dictionaries
Glossaries by Language
Online Dictionaries and Translators
University of Notre Dame - English-Latin dictionary
Humanum - Latin-English Dictionary

The Dragon Page Sci-Fi Radio Talk Show
Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide
Science Fiction on the net
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Science Fiction and Fantasy
SF Site
Spicy Green Iguana - The Speculative Fiction Magazine Resource Site
The Linköping Science Fiction & Fantasy Archive
F. Alexander Brejcha's Science Fiction Web Sites
Fandom Directory
Science Fiction Authors
SF Site - Authors
SciFan: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers
Farenheit 451 - Literature links
Yahoo! Science Fiction and Fantasy authors
Genres/Science Fiction and Fantasy/Authors/
Yahoo! Horror authors
AwardWeb:  Collections of Literary Award Information